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Trip Republic provides dedicated platforms for in-destination ancillary revenue. We sell these platforms and solutions to online travel agents, airlines, hotels and destination marketing organizations.

The Trip Republic B2B solutions help our clients upsell, engage and manage in-destination content, which includes museum tickets, concert tickets, tours, activities and more. Our aim is to give travelers a richer experience by providing an easy way to book things-to-do during travel.

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Our mission is to enable truly seamless travel experiences. As part of this aim, we’re making it possible for travellers to engage with travel activities at multiple stages of travel purchasing. We aggregate content in a fractured marketplace in order to provide the best platform for accessing travel activities.

Our content is sourced from multiple sources and includes both large and small travel activity suppliers. Our aim is to include the travel supply that makes the platform relevant for all travellers - that's why we have guided tours, attraction tickets, shows, theatre tickets and sports events in our platform. All trips are unique!

The travel activities segment of the travel industry is tipped as the next big growth sector. Our solutions make it easy for travel companies to access a segment that consumers spend 15% of their vacation budgets on. We have partnered on distribution with some of the most disruptive airlines, online travel agents and accommodation providers in order to provide best-in-class conversion.

Trip Republic is founded in 2015 and based in Helsinki, Finland.


Press Release 13.09.2017: Germania Partners with Trip Republic to Provide Travel Activities to Passengers

Trip Republic, the solutions provider for in-destination ancillary revenue, has today announced its partnership with the airline Germania. Germania serves 55 destinations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The partnership will give passengers access to the widest choice of in-destination activities such as tours, activities, tickets, shows and sports events.

Announcing the partnership Joen Schauman, Chief Executive Officer of Trip Republic, said:
”Germania is at the forefront of e-commerce innovation by investing in the growth of ancillary revenue. The destinations catered by Germania puts the airline in a unique position to earn on in-destination content with an efficient and integrated activities solution. Germania is now among the first airlines to offer more than 450,000 bookable activities globally to customers, opening up a range of new ancillary revenue possibilities for Germania.”

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